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 intuitive & musical abstract art

by Simon Edmondson

I work intuitively and expressively to arrange forms, colours and textures into a layered composition, just like arranging notes, harmonies and rhythms in music. The hints of landscape bring a sense of space, place or even just a situation, and all of the feelings associated with being present, in that moment.

I like to use a process where accidents and intentions come together in exciting combinations, with an aim to create a balanced and satisfying composition, which can be enjoyed like a favourite piece of music.


latest work.

With the recent move, things have been slow. The Gallery is
coming soon, but in the meantime, here is one of my latest pieces.



The latest updates from my Instagram feed

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As an Art Therapist, my training has shown me how much art and creativity plays a part in my own well-being, and that of others. I am becoming more and more involved in understanding the creative process. What better way to understand it than to be immersed in it, setting out on a journey of being creative every single day and making highly creative, expressive art, which I hope others can connect with and enjoy.

There are no fancy conceptual theories to be learned... it's just me expressing and composing in the moment, exploring one thing or another, in the hope that the by-product of my exploration might just connect somehow. It's a bit like making music: you might like it, you might not, but when you hear a good song, you know it... you might not know why and it doesn't really matter.

My art is heartfelt and comes from a profound desire to explore a whole range ideas through creativity. It is deeply, genuinely meaningful to me. In this way, I hope that it connects with you, in your own individual way.



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