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About Me

My journey so far...

I am an artist and student Art Therapist living in Sussex, UK and have recently moved from Dublin, Ireland. Let me explain how I got here:

I graduated many years ago in Visual and Performance Art in Cheltenham Art College. Many of the ideas, styles and philosophies which emerged during that time are still present in my current work. I had an interest in electronic and interactive installation art, so from here, with pressure to pursue a 'career', I moved into the area of multimedia production (video, audio, interactive media, 3D animation, e-learning & web development) and I had an enjoyable and successful career spanning nearly twenty years!

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As time went by, my career became less and less creative - and most attempts to inject some creativity and spark into my work was often squashed by the pressures of the 'business'. This wasn't healthy and nearly two years ago, I quit my job to find some other way of being, which didn't smother my need for creativity, growth and freedom. One aspect of my work which I have loved, was the way in which, as a manager, I could be involved with people's personal growth and self-development. So I decided to focus on this, without the distractions of 'project management'. Consequently, I am now in my fourth year of training to become an Art Psychotherapist.

My journey yet to come...

My training has shown me how much art and creativity plays a part in my own wellbeing, and that of others. I am becoming more and more involved in understanding the creative process. What better way to understand it than to be immersed in it, setting out on a journey of being creative every single day and making highly creative, expressive art, which I hope others can connect with and enjoy. My ongoing studies in Art Therapy are a perfect combination to my art making.

I don't have any pretenses... there are no fancy, conceptual theories to be learned... it's just me, expressing, composing in the moment, exploring one thing or another, in the hope that the by-product of my exploring might just connect somehow. It's a bit like making music: you might like it, you might not, but when you hear a good song, you just know it... you might not know why and it doesn't really matter.

My art is heartfelt and comes from a profound desire to explore a whole range ideas through creativity. It is deeply, genuinely meaningful to me. In this way, I hope that it connects with you, in your own individual way.

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